2016 Symposium Presentations

The cIQc/DSM 2016 Joint Symposium program can be found here.

Friday, June 10, 2016:

Marilyn Bui
Using image analysis for accurate and reproducible immunohistochemical interpretation of biomarkers

Blake Gilks
Biomarker guided subclassification of endometrial carcinoma

Saturday, June 11, 2016:

William DeSalvo
The impact of optimized immunohistochemistry workflow on quality improvement

Martin Trotter
Medical peer review of immunohistochemistry utilization

Gabor Fischer
Interpretation of immunohistochemical stains – difficulties and pitfalls

Paul Swanson
The impact of consensus guidelines on utilization and quality of immunohistochemical stains

Anubha Prashad
Building elements of a framework for high-quality molecular cancer biomarker testing in Canada

John Garratt
cIQc update PLUS Monitoring biomarker positivity rates: IPBP.org

Emina Torlakovic
Standardization of negative and positive controls (iCAPCs)

Marc del Bigio
Quality control for neuropathology autopsy material

Robert Wolber
Quality assurance as a complex adaptive system

Emina Torlakovic
Concepts and principles of validation in diagnostic IHC

Sunday, June 12, 2016:

Brandon Sheffield
PD-L1 immunohistochemical validation

Stephen Yip
IDH1 R132H and ATRX IHC validation

John Garratt
BRAF V600E immunohistochemical validation

Carol Cheung
ALK immunohistochemical validation

Rodney Miller*
Critical technical aspects of immunohistochemistry – What you need to know to stay out of trouble

*To download a copy of the handout that accompanies this presentation, please click here. NOTE: If you didn’t take note of the download password during the symposium, please email jennifer.won@ciqc.ca.


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