2015 Symposium Presentations

The 2015 cIQc Annual Symposium program can be found here.

Roza Bidshahri

Blaise Clarke
Pathology of Lynch Syndrome associated Gynaecologic Cancers: implementation of reflex testing and its implications

Richard Crawford
Genetic Aberrations Confirmed by Immunohistochemistry on Skin Biopsies

Jean Deschenes
Lynch Syndrome Screening: Highlights of the Northern Alberta Experience 2009-2013

Marc Dupre and Laura Sexsmith
Manitoba Lynch Syndrome screening initiative

John Garratt
BRAF V600E – Getting Started

Dawna Gilchrist
Hereditary Colon Cancer – Determination of Risk

Blake Gilks
Pathology of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome Associated Cancers

Merdol Ibrahim
Breast Hormone Receptors: Putting today in focus and tomorrow in prospective

Henry Lynch
Lynch Syndrome: Hereditary Cancer, Past and Present

Gillian Mitchell
Hereditary Breast Ovarian Cancer Syndrome: the Australian Experience

Soren Nielsen
HER2 Immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and quality assurance

Emina Torlakovic and JC Cutz
Immuno/FISH/Molecular testing to guide lung cancer treatment: a clinical perspective

Emina Torlakovic
Standardization of Controls in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

Emina Torlakovic
Challenges and Successes of IHC Testing for Lung Cancer

Mogens Vyberg
Immunomarkers of the GI tract

Mogens Vyberg and Soren Nielsen
10 years of NordiQC Why are 30% of labs still getting it wrong?

Robert Wolber
Reflex Lynch Syndrome screening by mismatch repair and BRAF V600E immunohistochemistry: A three year, multi-institutional experience


Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control