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Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry for Pathologists 5th Annual Course (Oct 10-12, 2018)


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a widely used technique for accurate identification and biological characterization of tissue types in neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases. The Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control (cIQc) is committed to systematically monitoring and improving the proficiency of IHC testing nationwide. The organization distributes IHC challenges to pathology laboratories, assesses participant staining and provides an anonymized summary of laboratory performance.

February 2018Run 86 PD-L1
March 2018Run 87 Breast Module
April 2018Run 88 BRAFV600E
May 2018Run 89 p16
June 2018--
July 2018Run 90 ALK IHC
August 2018Run 91 ATRX/IDH1
Run 92 MMR
September 2018Run 93 Breast Module
Run 94 HER2 ISH
September 20-21, 20182018 cIQc Symposium
Quebec City
October 2018Run 95 p53
Run 96 Gastric HER2 ISH
November 2018Run 97 ALK IHC
December 2018Run 98 MMR
January 2019Run 99 ALK ISH
February 2019Run 100 PD-L1
Run 101 Gastric HER2 IHC
March 2019Run 102 Breast Module
*subject to change at cIQc discretion

Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control